Tuesday, 5 July 2011

PHP Redirect Script: Easy script, take less than one minute to install

Redirecting the user from one page they enter in the address bar of their browser to another page of your choice in php script is a simple and easy way. just a one line code and its done. For example:

Your website url is www.your-web-site.com

and your web pages and all the website stuff in on page www.your-web-site.com/new

and you want your user to enter the first one .com address and redirected to the .com/new address.

using the above example, here is the code for redirect in php:


   header( 'Location: http://www.your-web-site.com/new/index.html' ) ;


Its is a simple code but just one thing to remember, never use any tags or text before this code.e.g entering a <html> tag before this code.

How to open a .uif file

uif file extension  is the file format for Magic ISO and it stand for Universal Image Format (uif). It is Virtual Cd/DVD image we create in Magic ISO. So to open it we use the same software we create it with. but magic iso is not free. And if you havent purchase the magic iso and still want to open a uif image file follow these steps:

1- Download trail version of Magic ISO. which will be approx. 3 mb.

2- Install it as a trail version ( trail is always free ) 

3- After installation run the software. it will ask for register or try it... Try it

4- Go to Tools >  Decompress UIF Image. Browse the source file and choose the output file location and hit Decompress. It will take some time to Decompress it into ISO files.

5- Now you can open that ISO in any of your favorite Virtual Drive software you use. There are some free virtual drive software as well like MagicDisc, DAEMON Tools Lite etc