Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tips and tricks to Undo, Redo and Repeating in Ms Excel

Undo, Redo and Repeat operation are used for recovering from mistakes and help us edit our document more efficiently and in a better way.


This Excel feature can easily correct your mistakes you made while working on your excel worksheet. You can reverse every command or a step you have taken in your Excel worksheet. The undo located on quick access toolbar which is normally displayed on the left side of the excel title bar. Or appears next to the “Save button” on Quick Access toolbar. We can undo from keyboard by just pressing Ctrl + Z and to make multiple undo just continue to press Ctrl + Z until all the mistakes have been undone.

Now you must be wondering how many actions we can undo. We can undo last 100 actions and can do that by using undo for multiple times. There are some commands and actions we can’t undo in Ms. Excel. Can’t undo anything we do by using the File Button which is on top left of the excel worksheet and also the effect of executing a macro.


Great thing about Ms. Excel there is an undo for an undo, we call it redo and we can do that by pressing Ctrl + Y or F4 from the Keyboard. In Ms. Excel the redo button located on the Quick access toolbar and it is on the right side of the undo button.


Lets Say we want to format a report and while creating a report we do a lot of formatting like font colors and size, bold italic, background color, cell borders etc. to repeat these formatting in a cell we use the repeat function Ctrl + Y. Repeat function is a great timesaver. We can insert the Repeat button in quick access toolbar because it is not normally there. To do this first step is to go to customize quick access toolbar by right clicking quick access toolbar. From there select popular commands form the drop down list on the left in Excel options dialog box.
Just select repeat in that list of commands and click add and then ok.

Here is the list of few keyboard short cuts which are related to the tutorial above and also will be helpful while working with Ms. Excel.

Ctrl + C ============= Copy the selected cells.
Ctrl + A ============= Select all contents of the worksheet.
Ctrl + B ============= Bold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + I  ============= Italic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + Z ============= Undo last action.
Ctrl + Y ============= Redo last Undo.
F2 ================= to edit the selected cell.
F5 ================= Go to a specific cell. For example, C2.
F7 ================= To Spell check the selected text or entire document.
F11 ================ It creates new chart on separate chart sheet.
Ctrl + A ============= Select all contents.
Ctrl + Arrow key ======= it move to next section of text.
Ctrl + Space ========== Select entire column.
Shift + Space ========= Select entire row.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Situation of jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan is located along the Arabian Sea and has a coastline spanning approx. 650 miles is a developing south asian country with countless resources and valuable assets. Pakistan is the world 27th largest economy and its consider one of the largest in south asian countries has been forecast to grow 5.5% in 2009 but due to factors like power shortage, flawed policies and lack of sincere leadership, economic growth chances a little slim. Directly getting effected by this situation is Job market in Pakistan and causing unemployment rates to grow to 15 percent and ranks 51 among the countries with high unemployment rates.

Situation of jobs in pakistan is getting more difficult and the conditions are not as good as it was used to be and the main factors behind the growth in unemployment rate are power shortage and energy crisis, Law and order situation, Political instability, lack of capable policy makers, defective educational system and lack of facilities and infrastructure.

Our economy is underdeveloped and is not very attractive for the job seekers. Job hunt is getting tougher and opportunities are very limited. A successful job hunt in the current economic crisis is not easy anywhere in the world and situation of jobs in Pakistan is no exception. Fresh graduates complain that either they don't get the jobs they deserve or instead of a permanent post they are getting offers for temporary position in organizations. Unfortunately, we are one of the developing countries where the job market is considered to be saturated, which makes it difficult for the young graduates to have promising start of a career.

Jobs creation is very critical to pakistan economic growth. Situation of jobs in pakistan is not as bright as one would wants but the future outlook of jobs in Pakistan are still very promising. We have lots of potential to grow. we have two most important seaports and great amount of assets and resources to develop and improve the situation of jobs in Pakistan. With proper planning in big cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, political stability, promoting research in agriculture, overcoming the power crisis, providing facilities and good infrastructure to industrial sector and improving education system, we can easily increase the growth rate of economy and lower the unemployment rate in Pakistan.

Policy makers would hopefully implement policies that create opportunities and favorable conditions for the new comers in job market and Fresh graduates should work hard to develop and polish their unique skills and expertise. There are many sectors like IT, banking, telecom, construction and few others, in which our young work force can participate and take an active part in the development of their country.