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The Basics techniques of White Hat SEO that you can benefits from starting today

Webmasters or site owners who want to achieve their website success for long term basis usually go for white hat seo or ethical seo. It is natural and approved ways of using strategies and techniques to generate human audience for their web pages according to the well documented rules define in search engines guidelines for webmasters.

When it comes to white hat seo, there are few basics techniques a webmaster should consider when working on their own website or making pages for their clients. Making urls readable for the search engine spiders is one of these techniques and it can be done by removing session IDs from the page url. For example if a domain name or a url contains dynamic characters like = $ & % etc, search engine will not to read these characters. To solve this issue we host websites on the unix base operating systems and be able to rewrite the urls with the session IDs.

Internal linking is a white hat seo technique in which you link one page of your website to another page of your website making it easy for the search engine spiders to spidered these links and make it sure that all pages are found by the search engines. Internal links Contextual or Structural are the best way to establish a site architecture and easy way to help optimize your website. Some sites might not see the dramatic results from internal link but other will certainly be shocked to see forgotten about articles gain significant amount of traffic. Contextual links are the hyper links embedded within the content of a web page and structural links are the one which are created during the designing phase of a website includes navigation bars and site maps.

The golden rule of seo is "Content in King" and it always will be. content is the information given on a web page and it drive the web. The success of a website depends on its uniqueness and usefulness, it should be interesting to follow so that more people want to visit the site again and again. The quality content should be engaging the reader, helps webmaster increases search engine ranking and most importantly it should promotes the likelihood of quality links from the other websites. It is your weapon on the web and you should use it wisely to win the market share and to do so you have to make sure your content is really noteworthy and serves it purpose to communicate with the reader.

When you are trying to attract human visitors and search engine spider to your page you use ALT and TITLE attributes whenever you can. Usually some webmasters don't see any difference between these two. ALT and TITLE attributes increases the website usability level and also the possibilities to promote. What is ALT attribute? it is an alternative text description for the images which displays before the image loaded on the page. TITLE attribute is use to describe links, tables, individual table row and other other structural HTML elements. So both are primarily meant for the visitors although ALT text seems more important for the crawlers. in Conclusion you can include your main keywords in both these attributes but avoid keyword stuffing.

The essential part of every web page is title and meta tag. <title> is simply use to defines the title of the document or a page. It is used is all HTML/XHTML documents and supported in all major browsers like Internet explore, Mozilla Firefox and Safari etc. Optimizing the website <title> is one of the most important tactic to achieve high ranking in a search engine. You can generate quick and appreciable difference in your rankings just fixing the title tag of your page. <title> should contain your company name along with specific keyword phrases. The best format will be use your company or brand name at the start of the title tag and then use primary and secondary keyword. The best practice is to use less then 70 characters because this is a google limit to display in the search results. Meta tag is not a requirement when your are creating a web page but it is special HTML tag written in the <head> section of a HTML document that provides information about a web page. It do not affect how the page is displayed instead <meta> includes information such as who created the web page and when the page was updated and what it is about and what are the keywords that define the page contents. A lot of search engines use the information provided in a meta tag to build their indices. Meta tags are officially referred to as Metadata elements and they are used in accordance with the W3C - world wide web Consortium Metadata specifications and those of the targeted search engines.

Keywords are the key to on page SEO in which we directly optimize and make change to our web page to get high ranking in the search engine. Optimization of the web page with visible keywords is a key to a good search engine ranking. In the past webmasters use to think the stuffing a page with keywords is a way to get high ranking in the search engine. However, those early black hat SEO techniques weren't completely successful because the keywords often doesn't match the actual content on the page and was misleading to both users and the search engines. Keywords in the url is a good technique to get the search engine attention. e.g coolvirgocool.blogspot.com/white-hat-seo.html. We can also use keywords in title tag and also H1 tag. To create the keyword list for the site or web page a webmaster should think like a customer or ask people that what keywords they will use to search for that particular product or service in the search engine. For keyword selection you have to be creative and choosy at the same time and avoid the competitive keyword phrases and including few misspelled keywords in your keywords list is also a good side.

Inbound or back links are the links from other website pages that are linking back to your website. They are a great tool to bring new visitors to your website. Search engine spiders follow links between two websites, more inbound links a website have, the more often a spider will visit that website.Its always good to get inbound links from high page rank websites because it will add great value to your website. Profile backlinks, blog comment type back linking, article backlinks, backlinking with RSS and social bookmarking are some good techniques. Inbound links are very important for a webmaster or a site owner because with the help of these backlinks a website have a great chance to get noticed by a search engine. If these links are genuine and from high page rank websites, search results for the site will be amazing.

White hat SEO strategies and tactics are use for promoting a websites according to rules and search engine guidelines and to achieve long time goals and results. When you are using white hat SEO to optimize and improve your website always start with the good quality content, use good keyword phrases and build links with high page rank websites. There are few limitation toward this approach at first but the reputation stay stable in the future and your organization will become more reliable.
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wiolwaker said...

White SEO is best method, but our content must be good. It seems that Google is constantly making adjustments to their algorithm that can eliminate low-quality content and location of high-quality content in search results. The recent update of Panda since late February was the latest example.
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In my opinion, great content is above all. So focusing on creating good quality content is the solution.
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