Sunday, 18 December 2011

4 - Usability testing: Finalizing the Design which is Easy to navigate and user friendly

Whether you design it yourself and go with pro web designer its time to finalize your website and test its usability. Finished project must have all the features you desired and bells and whistle you planed for the website. It should have the Beautiful and a quality web design which is easy to navigate and user friendly.

The website has many forms of interaction. Navigation is an important example for that. Good navigation helps you browse your ways to desired pages with ease. To keep your visitors on the site it is good to have website navigation that keep them engaged. You can always have an option to have your website tested like any other software or game testing process.

Finalizing process for the website starts with gathering few independent peoples and let them view your website and browse the pages. In the end they give you their feedback, which will help you go through those pages once again and correct the mistake to make it more user friendly and create a positive experience for the visitors. We call it usability testing, a process to check and find out whether the users are using and interacting with your website as it was anticipated by the web designers.

You are not going to buy a shoe which does not fit in your foot right? A user is not going to be attracted to your website until it fits the requirements. Usability testing is the best way to discover how the visitors will perceive your website and whether they going to like it or not. Getting the desire audience for your online business website is critical for the success and usability testing helps you get your website to that point, from where you can attract users to visit your website and show interest in what you are offering.

It is a known fact that to get user attention, websitedesign must be easy to navigate and looks beautiful at the same time. Quality website always has these features and has a power to engage users. Usability testing is not a focus group or a process to validate your designing skills; instead it is used to find out which parts of your website are not easy to understand and what you can do to make it more users friendly.


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