Sunday, 4 December 2011

Find out the unexplained mystery of link building strategies and how to get quality back links

To improve rankings in the search engine result pages also known as SERP, one should know how to get the quality backlinks. According to seo experts, Backlinks or link building strategies are the techniques when one website is linked on another website with relevant content. This is totally different from the link farming technique of black hat seo, which is unethical. In the Link farming group of sites is hyper linked together even they don't have relevant content.  Back link generation is a popular practice in a seo world to increase the page ranking of a website. Search engine specially google puts a huge emphasis on link building and always gives high page ranks to the site with quality backlinks from the site with relevant content. Therefore, it does play an important role in getting high page rank and top  search engine placement.

Why does Search engine love the page links to high PR sites? Answer is simple, if content is appealing to people, they will like it and obviously interested webmasters will be starting to link it. When sites with high page rank link a page, search engine believes its authenticity and takes it as a useful site for the user. To determine the all over popularity of a website and to check if the content is good and relevant, Google and all other search engines depend on the back links. It makes sense because if hundreds of websites link a website, then it must be doing something right. So the main thing is that in order to get a high page ranking and place on top in a search engine one must be validated by the others, and back links provides that validation.

Link building consumes lots of time, and it is hard work. It is very frustrating and confusing sometimes, but still it is a high-ranking trump card and cannot be ignored during search engine optimization of a website. Back link generation should be considered as a marathon, not the sprint. It is good to get 100 quality inbound links in three months rather than getting 1000 in just a week. There is no shortcut, and it cannot be done over night. Patience and handwork are the main requirement for generating quality back links but when a website with great content gets high page rank links, it pays a huge dividend.

We can get quality back links by?

a - Submitting Articles:  Article Submission is the process of writing articles relevant to the website and submitting then to popular article's directories. It improves search engine ranking by increasing the quality of back links and page rank. Writing article portrays the expertise and knowledge of the site owner in that particular field. It should accurate and precise with unique and original information about the topic. Best article writing practices are to start with an attractive and good title line, include subheading, bullets and numbering to make it more presentable and readable for the readers.

b - Submitting to Directories: Web or a link directory links other websites in different categories and subcategories. Directories allow site owners or their representative to submit their urls along with descriptions, and their editors review the submissions. It is considered being basic step and the best way of getting quality back links. Directories serve as a direction for the search engine spiders and more frequently these spiders see a link, more they will get to that site.

c - Commenting on the blogs: There is always an area under the blog page where the visitor can post comments. They make blogs more interactive and serve as lifeblood. Bloggers always encourage their readers to join in the discussion and leave their comments regarding the topic. Sometimes readers leave related links along with their comments. These links usually traces back to that reader own blogs and thus making blog comment a great resource for the visitors to find new blogs on the same topic.

d - Social bookmarking: It is a method of tagging favorite websites and saving them online on the web to share it with the friends. Visitors can also view the bookmarks made by other users based on popularity and inclusion date, to get the relevant and recent websites. These social bookmarking sites are a great source for the link juice. Backlinks generated by these sites are very powerful with an unmatched indexing ability.

f - Edu and Gov sites: Edu means education sites, and Gov means government sites. Getting links from these websites can considerably improve search engine ranking. Google gives great value to the links coming from these sites. But ordinary .edu and .gov won’t help the link building process. They should be authority websites.

Link building is never simple, and it can be very difficult to process to create back links, especially for the newbies. Above mention, techniques can serve as agreat help to start a link building process, these are few other tricks that can be agreat help like posting on wikis, press releases and forums profiles links. One thing that must be mention here, is forum profile links are totally different from blasting your urls on any forum. Forum profile's links can only be found in the profiles of active participants on that forum.

There are no shortcuts and easy ways to get the quality backlinks. Good link building strategies always start with hard work and then getting good content for the site because quality of the content always a key factor to attract website's owners to link other sites and in the end generated backlinks must be from high Pr websites because quality is always better than quantity.


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