Sunday, 18 December 2011

5 – Website Promotion: Marketing and optimizing your website for search engines

When you complete the design and development of a website, test and finalized it now its time to start optimizing this website for the search engines. After the completion, promotion phase for your website starts which is equally important and crucial part of online business success. Search engine marketing helps to promote your online business and become a critical step in your online business process. Some people would call it an art of getting visitors for your website from different search engines.

Search engine marketing combine two techniques:
1-     Search engine Optimization
2-     Pay per Click

Search engine optimization is organic or a natural way to generate traffic from search engines for your website. Its is a process of making changes to your web site so that it will appear on top position in the search engines. There are few tips and tricks that help you create your seo strategy and get you to desire top position in the search engine result pages.

-         Check where you are standing. You should know your website current position on search engines and its competition.
-         Right amount of Keywords and a good description for your Meta tag.
-         Always choose the domain that contains word from you primary keyword phrase. Keep your domain name and urls user friendly and easy to read.
-         Good and sophisticated use of keywords in title, h1 tag and in the content.
-         Good navigation and internal linking within your website.
-         Always use original and quality content because “content is king”.
-         Sitemap is an important and always have one because it let search engine knows about each and every page of your website.
-         Always remember search engine spiders can’t read the images or flash movie So always use alt and title attributes for the images in HTML and try to avoid flash.
-         Social media
-         Link building

Pay per Click:

Sometime you want quick results and need a desire number of daily targeted visitors to your website, you will be purchasing sponsored links in the search engine. Using those sponsored links to generate target traffic toward your website is Pay per click or Pay per view. You pay search engines for every click or a view you get for your ad. Google adwords is a major pay per click system.
Main purpose for the search engine marketing is promotion of a website. With the help of SEM you use right keywords to get a best sponsored links, take your campaign to a shopping search engine or directory, get paid inclusion in the directories and optimized your page to get a top position in a search engine result page.


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