Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bloggers Sitemap: is it Possible to create xml sitemap for the blogspot blog.

Sitemaps are comprehensive and good way of displaying all the post on your blog and important for promoting your website. When you are doing search engine optimization of a website you have to submit your website sitemap to different search engine because it will help them crawl all the pages on your website.Word press gives their users option to create automatic sitemap but there is no such option available at blogger. So you won’t be able to create an xml sitemap for the blogspot blogs.

rss feed can be used as sitemap for blogger. All you have to do it is to get your rss feed url which will be like the following:

But the url above will not have all the entries from your blog, just few new ones. So to add all the entries to the rss.xml sitemap you have to add parameters and your new url will look like that:

And this will include 500 blog post feed entries to your xml sitemap. 
Please replace “coolvirgocool” with your blog name in the above urls.


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